Many things inspire ideas for creating my pottery. Most often they are inspired by the history of pottery in Japan and the beauty of nature. My sketchbook is filled with ideas for all types of ceramic pieces. Ideas come from the natural beauty around me on the top of the mountain. The daily walk to my studio and the beauty of the trees and flowers I have planted inspire ideas for my clay work.

It’s important for the generations to see and feel things made by the hands of artists in this age of mass-produced ware. Making pottery is close to nature and the forces of nature: earth, wind, fire and the ability of man to create.

The Process
The sense of mystery and anticipation in creating something beautiful from a piece of clay is truly a magical transformation. My hope is to create work that is a pleasure to use, to hold and to enjoy looking at for many years.

From the beginning to the end, the process of making a pot is long and there are many potential difficulties to encounter along the way. The final step is to have a successful glaze firing and that step is one of the most intriguing.