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Art Sales In Studio
Edward A. Butler

From Website, to Studio, to Five Figure Sale.

While I have had some success with gallery sales I find it is also important to have direct contact with potential buyers in my studio. If I am contacted by someone who visited my websites I invite him or her to my studio. It has been my experience that people like being in the studio surrounded by the work in a way they never are in a gallery. In the studio they can see work that has not yet been shown publicly. In my studio people get to know me a little better and perhaps gain a little deeper insight into what it is that I do. They can see work from different periods ranging from the recent past to a few pieces I have hanging that were done over forty years ago. They get to sit and talk as I move pieces on and off the easel. I  have a couple of frames for the most common sizes that I use so that they can see what a piece might look like framed if they are interested.
It takes up a little time but it doesn't happen every day and when it does the small break isn't bad for me either. I have no exclusive deal with a gallery so there is no conflict. Letting people visit has proved to be a valuable tool and I have sold more than a few right off my own walls. It's a direct sale for me and a deal for them as well without a gallery markup. I have had some people come back more than once while they made up their minds and I have even loaned paintings to people that I know and trust so that they could live with it for a time before the commit to a sale. I have never had one returned. Letting people stop by for a visit has been good for me.

Portfolio 1: Edward A. Butler Website
Portfolio 2: Edward A. Butler AWP Website

Janice Warriner

AWP Featured Artist

The quality of Janice’s work is well recognized. Among the accolades she has received, Janice placed first, second, and grand champion in the Glenwood Springs Art Show held in Colorado in 2008.  Her paintings have been sold and collected world-wide.

Taking in a Janice Warriner oil painting is like having an old friend casually weave a tale before your eyes-a tale filled with gentle beauty and intriguing plot lines, a tale that captures an ordinary moment and makes it exceptional.  Sometimes it’s of a delighted child, sometimes a serene forest, sometimes a rusty mechanical relic, other times two lovers’ embrace.
But whatever the story, each brush stroke is precise, purposeful and thoughtfully placed.

Janice says of her unique style, “My inspiration is the elegance found in the ordinary.? Beauty is everywhere one might hope to find it. ?And all is inspiration to the heart of the artist".

Portfolio: Janice Warriner AWP Website

Artist Opportunity Quincy, MA - COMMISSIONS OVER $100,000

Deadline: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 11:00am (Application must be received)
Quincy, MA -
Open Competition for the Selection of
Three Sculptures for the Adams Green Park
Budget: $750,000 - $900,000 ($250,000 - $300,000 per sculpture)
Eligibility: Open to professional artists working in the United States of America

In accordance with *M.G.L. Chapter 30B*, The City of Quincy acting on behalf of the Planning Department, is soliciting qualifications for *the design, fabrication, and installation of three monumental sculptures *representing John Adams, Abigail Adams and John Hancock in the Adams Green Park. The goal is to expand the public understanding and appreciation of these historic figures as part of the urban revitalization of the park presently being designed by the landscape architecture firm of Halvorson Design Partnership for Quincy, Massachusetts. The sculptures will be placed prominently near the United First Parish Church, the Old City Hall and the Hancock Cemetery. As part of the design team lead by Halvorson Design Partnership the selected artist(s) will work with the City *to complete the 100% designs, bidding and construction of these sculptures *for this new signature public park at the heart of Quincy Center.

To receive the RFQ: Copies of the Request for Qualifications may be obtained from the
Purchasing Department; City Hall,
1305 Hancock Street;
Quincy, MA 02169, or by calling (617) 376-1060, between 9 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

RFQ: Request For Quote



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