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Derek Reist


The Lit City - Sunlight and shadow star in Derek Reist’s urban landscapes.

Late on a fall day in 1974, Derek Reist ’67, M.B.A. ’69, was walking from his rent-controlled apartment/artist’s studio in Manhattan to the Harvard Club to play squash. His work had already been featured in several Manhattan art galleries, and he was at least eking out a living as a painter. But he was still engaged in a sometimes frustrating search for an artistic vision. While crossing a street, Reist looked up and spotted a rooftop water tower, bathed in the sunset’s orange light. He was transfixed.
“I had been trying to figure out how to work with light,” he says, recalling this signal moment with an intensity undimmed nearly four decades later. “It wasn’t a great composition; it was just the way the light was on the water tower. It absolutely hit me. I suddenly knew. I was really, really excited. I didn’t intellectualize it. I just said, ‘This is it!’” When he reached the squash court, Reist apologized and canceled his game. “I had to leave, to go back to my studio and...

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Johanna Bresnick

Experimental Tape Art
Contest Winner

and a AWP Featured Artist

Johanna Bresnick, based in New Haven, CT, is a conceptual sculptor working in a variety of media. Bresnick's work investigates the imposition of geometry on nature; the engineering of environments and conditions by means of architecture, economics, time, geopolitics, social behavior, familial structure, or personal code.

Bresnick received her BA from Macalester College in St. Paul, MN, and her MFA from the University of Illinois in Chicago. Her work has been exhibited at Kavi Gupta Gallery in Chicago, IL; the Museum of Modern Art in New York; the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, CA; The Jewish Museum in New York, NY; The Rose Museum at Brandeis College in Waltham, MA; the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, IL; and at the John Slade Ely House in New Haven, CT.

Her work has been reviewed in The New York Times and the New York Times Magazine, Time Out Chicago, the Hartford Courant and Huffington Post.

Portfolio: Johanna Bresnick

Johanna Bresnick: Artist Website Pro Website


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Jennifer Griffith

Paintings Of Pets Contest Winner

and a AWP Featured Artist

For as long as I can recall, I have held a passion for creating art that has come second only to my love for animals. My paintings are not just about how I perceive animals, but the sense of richness and fulfillment they bring to our lives in such an understated way. This love for animals, the happiness they bring, is felt when I paint them. It is a singular cathartic experience to arrest such joyful emotions while painting, and is why I choose animals as the subject matter for my art.
Watercolor has a natural ability to encapsulate my paintings in a whimsical light-hearted way that no other medium can. I use vibrant colors to capture their incorruptibility and joy. In each painting, I employ an array of brushstrokes and overlay washes to effectively portray textures and each animal’s personality and story. Generally, I keep the backgrounds simple or abstract in order to allow my subject to push forward and take center stage.

Every animal we come in to contact with leaves an imprint on us, and becomes an entry in our life story. They are always near us and yet, so often we take the joy they bring for granted.  It is my hope that my paintings will serve to remind us just how integral animals are to our happiness and sense of place in the world. How far down simple love, loyalty and beauty can touch our souls, leaving a lasting impression.

Jennifer Griffith Website



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