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Artist Derek Reist

Condo sales include pricey paintings.

Derek Reist was commissioned by 1214 Fifth Ave. to create two abstract paintings and a realistic one for the rental; One Museum Mile has artwork, available for purchase, in its model units. Art is an important amenity for real estate buyers. Sometimes that means having tasteful paintings, prints and murals in the common areas. Other times it means having an apartment where a personal art collection can bloom. Sometimes it means both, as is the case at Griffin Court, on West 54th Street and 10th Avenue...

Read More: New York Post
Portfolio: Derek Reist’s AWP Website
Video: The Art of the Deal
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Kent Patterson

Working On Three Commissons At Present

My three recent commisioned pieces are: "Schooner, Bluenose" the Canadian sail ship on Long Island Sound. I am now completing the second commission "View from Olana" on the Hudson River and I am in the process of starting a plein-air work of boat traffic on Hudson.
Artist Website Pro has brought me prospective clients who are quickly able to see my artwork, then contact me directly.

Portfolio: Kent Patterson AWP Website

Kim Kolker

Kim, AWP’s recent featured artist

My recent show in Dallas continues the dilemma we are all a part of, living in 21st century America: maintaining our balance when we are always being thrust into a bulging stream of information. How does one know oneself in the midst of all of this thought-traffic?

Sometimes this information comes at us like arrows, threatening our emotional stability. Other times we respond in the manner of the title of one of my other new works "Just Say Funk It."

Regardless of how we handle ourselves, the media keeps staring at us, encouraging us to provide feedback, voice our thoughts, share our buying habits, and purchase more products.

I hope that the works presented in my most recent show encourage reflection on this 21st Century Dilemma, and entertain the viewer as well.

Portfolio: Kim Kolker AWP Website



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